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miniSAM is an open-source C++/Python framework for solving factor graph based least squares problems. The APIs and implementation of miniSAM are heavily inspired and influenced by GTSAM, a famous factor graph framework, but miniSAM is a much more lightweight framework with

  • Full Python/NumPy API, which enables more agile development and easy binding with existing Python projects, and
  • A wide list of sparse linear solvers, including CUDA enabled sparse linear solvers.

miniSAM is developed by Jing Dong and Zhaoyang Lv. This work was initially started as final project of Math 6644 back to 2017, and mostly finished part-time when both authors were PhD students at College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology.

Factor graph theory

Questions & Bug Reporting

Please use Github issue tracker for general questions and reporting bugs, before submitting an issue please have a look of this page.


If you use miniSAM in an academic context, please cite following publications:

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miniSAM is released under the BSD license, reproduced in the file LICENSE in this directory. Note that the linked sparse linear solvers have different licenses, see this page for details